Nadine (din_eighty_six) wrote in boludos,



I need your help because I am going crazy!!

I am looking for this song who was published between september 2005 and march 2006 (I think it was end of 2005, november maybe).

It is a pop song and the video only showed them singing it in front of an audience. They were standing with microphones.

It was at least one man and one woman but it can be that more people were involved.

As far as I remember it was a band collaborating with another singer, or one singer from a famous band with another singer... I am pretty sure it was a one-time working together...

It was really famous and all the time on Much Music.

I really would like to listen to it again but I can't remember anything more about it! It would be so great if somebody of you knows which song I mean!!

Muchas gracias!!
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