a girl with kaleidoscope eyes (a_cherrytree) wrote in boludos,
a girl with kaleidoscope eyes

new year's eve in Buenos Aires

I'm gonna be in BA for new years eve and I desperately need something to do. I'd be happy with just a bar open on the 31th so I could go with my friends, get some drinks and listen to some music. Anyone can help me?

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in which part of BA are you going to be? (palermo, belgrano r., etc.) if i know that, i can tell you about one that is near your house/wherever you stay :)
PS: don't worry about bars being open though, most of them are open although it's new years eve ;) it's not rare that in TV they show how people are having fun at bars and stuff like that.
thanks for answering. i'm staying in the centro, near av. corrientes. i was looking at la cigale, i read it's fun and i saw it opens in new year's.